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Rev. Dr. Roderick Campbell The Manse, Inveraray PA32 8XT T: 01499 302295 E: minister@westlochfyneside.org.uk
Session Clerk Caroline Wood T: 01499 302121 E: sessionclerk@inveraraychurch.org.uk
Church Officer and Hall Bookings Wilma Wood T: 01499 302121 E: halllets@inveraraychurch.org.uk
Session Clerk Alison Hay T: 01546 886213 E: sessionclerk@westlochfyneside.org.uk
Glenaray and Inveraray
Cumlodden, Lochfyneside and Lochgair
Treasurer and Webmaster: Stuart Kidd T: 01499 302570 E: treasurer@inveraraychurch.org.uk E: webmaster@inveraraychurch.org.uk
Treasurer Wilf Stout T: 01499 500681 E: treasurer@westlochfyneside.org.uk