Cumlodden, Lochfyneside and Lochgair
Cumlodden, lochfyneside and Lochgair Cumlodden       Church       is located    on    the    outskirts of   Furnace   and   was   built in     1841     with     a     church vestry   added   in   the   early 1900s. The   church   can   accommodate   up   to   160   people   and   has   a   membership of   around   78   communicant   members   and   around   12   adherents.   Church attendance   can   fluctuate   throughout   the   year   depending   on   holidays   etc. with an average attendance is about 25. Lochgair   Church   is   a   very   attractive   small   Church building     which     was     built     in     1867     and     can accommodate up to 90 people. Lochgair   Church   Hall   was   built   in   1972   and   stands in     urgent     need     of     attention     after     severe     gale damage. The exterior was refurbished in 2012-13. Lochfyneside Church is now closed.
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