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The following Charges apply from 1st January 2018 until further notice. WEDDINGS All   bookings   are   subject   to   a   £60   booking   fee.   This   is   not   an   additional   charge   and   will   be deducted   from   the   final   account.   Should   the   booking   be   cancelled   or   postponed,   the booking fee will be non-refundable. Fees   chargeable   for   Marriages   are   those   applicable   as   at   the   date   of   arranging   the marriage. Marriage fee applicable from 1st January 2018 is £400 The   fee   for   Church   Members   or   their   Immediate   family   is   £120   plus   a   Donation   to   the Church if you wish. [these fees are for the Church only and do not include the registrars fees]   FUNERALS For   Members   and   Non   Members   £120   being   the   fees   for   Organist   and   Church   Officer. (£60 each) Donation    for    Church    use    by    non-members    towards    Church    funds    would    also    be appreciated. As ministers do not receive payment for taking wedding or funeral service, it might be appropriate to consider a donation for their services. HALL LETS   Once again, we are maintaining the rates set in 2014 which are as follows: For the first hour of any Let £25.00 each additional hour £12.50 Discounts would be available for:- Social Support by voluntary organisations 50% discount Community Events 25% discount Long term lets for organisations are subject to negotiation Free WiFi is available within the premises
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Glenaray and Inveraray
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Charges for Services