Glenaray and Inveraray
Our Services Sunday   Worship   is   at   11.30am    and   is   an   hour-long   service   of   praise,   prayer and      the   hearing   of   God’s   word.      Visitors   are   most   welcome   to   join   us   in   our Worship. A   cup   of   tea   or   coffee   is   served   in   the   Church   Hall   after   the   service,   which gives you an opportunity to have a chat. Holy   Communion   is   celebrated   four   times   a   year   and   on   Maundy   Thursday leading    up    to    Easter.    Special    services    are    also    held    celebrating    Easter, Harvest and Christmas and school services. On   the   3rd   Sunday   of   each   month   a   service   is   held   at   Chalmers   Court Community Room at 3pm. A   Gaelic   Service   is   held   in   the   parish   at   Lochgair   Church   on   the   2nd   Sunday of each month. As   a   Parish   Church,   we   recognise   the   need   to   be   involved   in   the   community and for the  community to be involved in the Church. Various midweek activities take place and details can be found in the diary. If   you   are   considering   being   married   in   our   Church,   or   by   the   minister   in another   venue,   you   should   contact   the   Minister   by   phone   01499   302295,   or by email here .   If   you   are   considering   the   baptism   of   your   child   or   children,   again   contact the Minister as above.
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