Glenaray and Inveraray
Glenaray and Inveraray Parish Church The   Church   is   situated   at   the   highest   point   of   the   town   and   sits   in   the middle   of   the   A83   trunk   road   to   the   Kintyre   Peninsula   and   traffic   flows around it as a roundabout. You    certainly    can’t    miss    it,    but    unfortunately    the    slender    spire    was removed   in   November   1941   when   lots   of   heavy   vehicles   were   involved   in the   combined   training   activities   in   the   area   during   WW2.   It   was   deemed unsafe   and   taken   down   stone   by   stone,   each   one   numbered   for   later   re- erection   and   the   stones   were   stored   in   the   local   quarry,   never   to   be   seen again. Without   it’s   steeple,   unfortunately,   it   is   assumed   by   many   visitors   as   being the town hall and not the splendid grade ‘A’ listed building which it truly is. The   Church   is   open   to   visitors   during   the summer      months      and      is      visited      by hundreds   of   folks   from   all   corners   of   the world   who   are   very   impressed   when   they walk   inside   this   lovely   building,   where   you can    sit    in    quietness    or    look    around    it’s beautiful   furnishings   which   were   made   by local    craftsmen.    The    Church    is    at    the start   of   the   Pilgim’s   Journey    route   from Inveraray to Campbeltown.
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