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The Kirk Sessions The   Church   of   Scotland   has   a   Presbyterian   structure   where   lay   elders and   ordained   ministers   share   responsibility   for   governing   the   church   at all   levels.   WestLochfyneside   has   a   Unitary   Constitution   which   means that,    the    Kirk    Session,    comprised    of    Elders    (ruling    Elders)    and    the Minister (teaching Elder), deals with all matters Elders   –   both   men   and   women   –   are   ordained   for   life.   Each   can   have   a particular   area   of   responsibility   –   such   as   Christian   Education,   Mission, Communications,    Staff,    Fabric    and    Finance.    All    are    involved    in    the Pastoral Care of the congregation. The    Session    oversees    all    church    organisations.    The    Minister    has    a particular   responsibility   for   Christian   education   of   the   young   and   not   so young. If   you   have   any   queries   or   issues   you   want   to   talk   about,   please   do   not hesitate to contact the the Session Clerk .
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