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Property Committee The    Property    committee    assists    and    advises    the    Kirk    Session    in    all matters   concerning   the   physical   facilities   that   belong   to   or   are   used   by the Church, in particular the Church, the Church hall and the Manse, Its    work    involves    maintaining    an    inventory    of    the    Church's    property, inspecting   the   facilities,   making   proposals   as   to   what   needs   to   be   done to    ensure    that    they    are    kept    in    good    condition    and    overseeing    any subsequent maintenance work. In   2013   the   exterior   of   Glenaray   and   Inveraray   Church   was   completely refurbished.   Re-slated,   roof   repairs,   new   flashings,   walls   stripped   and   re- harled with lime mortar and painted, stonework repaired and re-pointed. Cumlodden    Church    also    had    major    roof    repairs    carried    out    and    the exterior repainted In   2008,   the   manse   received   a   complete   internal   refurbishment   costing in    excess    of    £10,000    and    in    late    2015,    the    joint    manse    at    Inveraray received    a    further    major    upgrade    with    the    installation    of    a    modern bathroom,     piping     for     future     en-suites     to     two     bedrooms     and     the installation of wood burning stoves.
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