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Who We Are The   Parish   of   Westlochfyneside    is   a   member   of   the   Church   of   Scotland   in   the   Presbytery   of   Argyll.   Each   of   the   linked   parishes   are   administered locally   by   Elders   appointed   from   the   congregation   known   as   the   Kirk Session. The   Church   of   Scotland's   governing   system   is   Presbyterian   which   means that   no   one   person   or   group   within   the   Church   has   more   influence   or   say than   any   other.   The   Church   does   not   have   one   person   who   acts   as   the head   of   faith,   as   that   role   is   the   Lord   God's.   Its   supreme   rule   of   faith   and life is through the teachings of the Bible. The   Vision   of   The   Church   of   Scotland   is   to   be   a   church   which   seeks   to inspire   the   people   of   Scotland   and   beyond   with   the   Good   News   of   Jesus Christ     through     enthusiastic     worshipping,     witnessing,     nurturing     and serving communities.
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